Monday, July 23, 2012

100% Humidity

When I got up this morning the airport weather station closest to our home reported a temperature of 72 degrees and a matching dewpoint of 72 degrees.  That’s heavy air!  By the time we got our shoes on and drove to the Gateway Trail, the car thermometer said 77 degrees, but there was no wind, so of course the dewpoint probably hadn’t dropped any.  We all felt it.  The humidity prevents evaporation, so we sweat even more than we would in drier air.  I did carry water, and drank at least 26 ounces on the ten-mile run, sweat almost drizzling off the bill of my running cap.  There is no way to drink enough in these conditions - a runner’s stomach can’t handle it.

I pushed pretty hard, running at least 30 seconds of each minute and extending the running on the uphills.  The Gateway Trail is mostly shaded, where we run it, but there are a few places where you can go a tenth of a mile or more without shade.  The sun was fierce, and I did slow deliberately when I felt overheated in a couple of those places. Nevertheless, I ran the ten miles in 1:45:11, for a pace of 10:31.  I’m very pleased with that pace, and surprised that I could do it facing such ugly air.   Maybe I’m getting a little of my speed back.

10:31 extrapolates out to a 4:36 marathon.  I could have kept going a while longer, but certainly not another 16 miles.  Wouldn’t that be nice though?  Maybe someday.  In better air.  If so, then: BQ time for a man my age is 4:25.  Oh, be still my heart.  I really really don’t want to run Boston again, but I’m a competitive old fart and would love to qualify again.  Maybe someday.  A man can dream.

Whining:  The right hip flexors complained slightly toward the end.  They’ll get over it.

Splits:  10:56, 10:38, 10:47, 10:15, 10:34, 9:52, 10:10, 10:17, 10:37, 11:04, total 1:45:11, pace 10:31 over ten miles.

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