Monday, January 15, 2007

One Short Mile

That's me in front in the red shirt.  Picture deliberately distorted to protect the guilty.  Not.Meet of the Miles, Univ of Minn Field House, one mile indoors at top speed, 6:35. Anyway that’s what Eagle Momma thinks the time was; I forgot to look at the clock as I passed it after the eighth lap.

Having run a marathon yesterday, I wasn’t sure what speed I could run. Indeed, after two trial laps I felt some pain in the groin and wasn’t sure if I could even finish. So I didn’t warm up much, just a few laps at an easy jog. I’ve run a mile faster than this, but I’m happy tonight. I’d almost rather run a marathon than a one-mile race, but now it’s over, done, in the bank. By my count I finished fourth of five in my 65-69 age group. I think that’s GREAT! Four other old farts showed up for this one-miler. And I know that I can do better and should do so in future races. It could be an interesting year. The more I race, the more I enjoy it.

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