Saturday, January 20, 2007

Five Miles, Four Degrees

St Croix Valley Runners 5 mi 44:24, pace 8:53. Temperature was 2.0 when I left the house, 4.0 on return. Nice group of runners: Doug, Gauss, Dave, Roy, and Charlie. Not bad for an iffy morning. There is always someone there to run with on Saturday morning. I used the Nike Miler shoes with their really aggressive tread and with very little ventilation. Perfect. Four shirts under the wind jacket were probably one too many, but better safe than sorry when the temperature actually poses a risk of its own. Such a beautiful sunrise run. If this was all that running was about, it would be quite enough. I feel wonderful.

But it’s not all that running is about. The annual MDRA meeting and pizza feed is today at the Edina Community Center, 11:30 am. We three will be there. Come and meet other runners, talk about training and racing and more.

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