Tuesday, January 02, 2007

January 2, 2007

NSP Community Center 5 miles in 41:00, pace 8:12.
Kitty doesn't WANT her picture taken! I forgot to bring my watch, so had to count laps on my fingers and time on a wall clock, but they're pretty close. Faster than intended, but I feel good. Breathing mostly five footfalls per breath, four in the last two miles. After the run, I did my usual seven-element upper-body strength training program, but cut the sets from two to one. Headed for 30 miles this week, I need only 8 more which I will do on Thursday. My training weeks are Saturday through Friday. Next week only 20 miles, tapering ...

Waking heart rate 40 this morning, a modern low. Thalidomide at work.

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