Tuesday, January 30, 2007

20 Miles, 1080 Corners

NSP Community Center indoor track 20 miles in 2:58:15, pace 8:55. 270 laps around the track, all in the same direction, that’s 1080 corners. Uff-da. I’d so much rather run outdoors, but in this cold I’m a little afraid to run long.

This was about as fast as I could run today. In the last mile I tried to put the pedal down, but the engine just didn’t respond. Not a very good time, but I beg to be excused after a full marathon race two weeks ago and a half marathon race three days ago. Today’s objective was to put in the time and distance for a long run in preparation for our next marathon a little less than three weeks from now. I’m declaring it a success.

The good news is I FEEL GREAT now. Full of the euphoria from a nice run, muscles feel used up, but it’s a good feeling. I’ll sleep well tonight. Friend Norm showed up today to run, on his lunch break. We’ve never before bumped into each other at the Community Center track, because I always run in the morning. But today I ran through the noon hour, and what a pleasure it was to have someone to run and chat with, from miles 8 through 12. He did me the favor of slowing to my pace, and we walked a lap or two together as he cooled down. Also Eagle Momma and Sweet Pea were running today, and though we go at different speeds I pass them every few minutes and their presence does help ease the boredom.

The other good news is that the thalidomide-induced neuropathy didn’t appear today. Or, if it did, it was so subdued that I can’t be sure it was there. I’m saying it wasn’t, but I will try to see my primary physician tomorrow and discuss it with him. Perhaps it's time to establish a baseline for sensory nerve response in my hands and feet.

Splits: 8:41, 8:34, 9:01, 8:36, 8:58, 8:40, 9:01, 8:38, 17:54 (2 mi), 9:00, 8:54, 9:35, 8:42, 9:12, 8:43, 9:28, 8:41, 9:23, 8:35. Water after every even split, gels at 2, 6, 12, & 16, salt at 8.

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