Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Special Request

Susan, a myeloma survivor with a brand new blog, has just come out of a stem cell transplant (SCT). It is a somewhat risky procedure, where the doctors kill the cells in the bone marrow and then "rescue" the patient with an infusion of stem cells. As you might expect, Susan doesn't feel like herself right now during the rescue phase. She and her family greatly appreciate encouraging comments! Runners, myeloma survivors, good people everywhere. I hope you will.
Winter Wonderland What a day it is in Minnesota! This is how Christmas should have looked. But who's complaining - it's here now, for a little while at least. Some folks just wish it would just go away, but I love it. Even the shoveling part - I get a feeling of accomplishing something. Snow gets cleared, and I get some great cross-training. Today it wasn't quite worth the trouble to get out the snow blower; it took about an hour and a quarter to shovel the driveway and walks :-)

Happy New Year to all.

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Dori said...

It was absolutely beautiful! My husband and I drove up Wirth Parkway, from 394 all the way to the flagpole, just to take in the scenery. Lots of people were out skiing and sledding; I wanted to go running, but was afraid of the ice layer. Shoveled the stairs instead. :-)