Thursday, February 01, 2007

Hamstring Trouble


NSP Community Center 3 mi in 25:45, pace 8:35. Recovery run, felt heavy and sluggish for the first mile but that improved toward the end. But the right hamstring is acting up again. Nuts! I must have pushed just a little too much in this last week, 40 miles including a half marathon race and a 20-mile training run. It didn’t seem like too much, but the hamstring was yelling at me this morning, especially in the first mile. I did the appropriate stretches and exercises today, and yesterday too; let’s hope it’s just being temperamental.

Splits: 8:56, 8:37, 8:11. Next run Saturday. Tapering now for the marathon, so I expect the hamstring to get better. 30 miles next week, 20 the week before the marathon.


The good news is I didn’t feel any neuropathy; didn’t even think about it. I started taking alpha-lipoic acid a couple of days ago; maybe that helps. In one small Mayo study of patients with diabetic neuropathy, large (intravenous) doses of ALA almost worked magic. So maybe a little bit will help forestall the nerve damage from thalidomide. Wouldn't that be nice?


Dori said...

Are you a member of the Marathon Maniacs? What marathon are you running?

I hope your hamstring recovers during the taper.

Don said...

Hmmm I never heard of Marathon Maniacs until you mentioned them, Dori. But I googled them and it does appear that I qualify for the lowest (bronze) level on two counts.

Hamstring was fine today. Go figger.