Saturday, January 13, 2007

Three down ...

View from Northland Tennis Courts in Stillwater, about 7:40 am.  Credit to Eagle Momma
Eagle Momma, Sweet Pea, and I went to "run" with our Saturday group this morning. Actually we walked, meeting the five runners on their way back to home base. Despite the cold temperature, we thoroughly enjoyed an incredible sunrise. We'll walk a bit more this afternoon.

Then Eagle Momma and I went to my myeloma support group meeting in St Louis Park. Sad to say, three of our regular members have expired since the last meeting, from myeloma or from complications of the heavy-duty treatments. I always feel so lucky there, with no symptoms yet, because most of the members have had very serious problems. Many have undergone stem cell transplants, others have received so much chemo that they have little or no feeling left in their hands and feet, and the list goes on. It makes my little tryst with thalidomide seem so minor. Which it is.

Live one day at a time and make it a masterpiece. Especially tomorrow! An indoor marathon will certainly be a new experience for me. I'll blog about it afterward as soon as I can.

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