Thursday, January 18, 2007

Weight Watchers Works

Weight Watchers:

They didn't pay me to post this.

About five years ago I weighed 197 pounds dressed, a perfect weight for a 6-foot plus guy with a big frame. Except I'm not six feet tall, and I have a light frame; I was "portly" at 197. Eagle Momma and Sweet Pea were already in Weight Watchers, and it was working for them, so I joined too. I did the program, like they said to do it, and it worked.

When I had lost about 20 pounds, I started running and got "hooked" on that; then the weight loss was even easier. I still go monthly as a "lifetime" non-paying member; I'll go tonight. There are other programs, but I don't know anything about them. I just know that WW works, if I DO the program like they say.


NSP Community Center indoor track, two miles, 17:50, pace 8:55. Just a very nice little run to keep the blood moving during recovery from the marathon and 1-mile race. I had intended to run a bit longer if I felt really good, but felt a little strain in the groin left over from the races, and a significantly upset stomach for some unknown reason, so the two miles on the training plan were quite enough. That was followed by a regular program of upper-body exercises, which I like to do once a week or so.

The annual Minnesota Distance Running Association (MDRA) meeting and pizza party is this Saturday, January 20, from 11:30 to 2:00 at the Edina Community Center. This is your chance to meet runners by the score. And the pizza is good too.


Danielle said...

I am not a long term member or anything with WW but for those looking to lose weight, I agree, they are about the best. None of this crap about cutting carbs and the like.

Thanks for the reminder about the pizza party. I thought I had missed it, I have had intentions of going this year...even though I know no one, I'll be the one there, standing off by's close to my house. I really should go.

Don said...

Yep you should. We'll watch out for you :-)

Anonymous said...

So true about how the WW program works if you DO it. There's no magic but just as you found Don, the pounds come off when you live the program. Thanks for the good words.

Don said...

Spoken like a great WW leader :-)