Friday, August 19, 2016

Striding, Not Walking

Friday, August 19, 2016:

I'm thinking of calling my pace walking "striding" instead of walking.  I really do go about as fast as I can, so "walking" doesn't quite do it justice.

Today I strode almost seven miles, running just a little, mostly across roads at intersections.  Cool morning, after a rain last night, but very humid.  The rain might not be is over yet.  Yesterday I heard the forecaster say that some cooler mornings are ahead of us - that won't break my heart.

Along the new Zephyr Trail

I did feel a twinge in the left Achilles tendon in the late miles today, but it went away.  An Achilles injury would be a show stopper, so I'll certainly be on the alert for it.

One of my closest consultants says that "striding" sounds pretentious.  Hmmm.  What I do isn't race walking (a.k.a. speed walking) because that has rules, but maybe "power walking" or "brisk walking" would be better.  Your opinion is solicited.

Time 1:39:35, 6.9 mi, pace 14:26,

Thu, Aug 18:

A Little More Running.  I strode to the school's 400 m track this morning, strode five laps or so around the track and ran two laps, then strode home.

Total distance was about six miles in about 90 minutes.  Lately I've only run a little, striding most of the time.  I need to run more and stride less, but with a marathon coming up I'm nervous about getting injured, so maybe that will have to wait unto after the 100th marathon in November.

Tue, Aug 16:

Four Miles With My Girls.   After 20 miles yesterday I needed to take it easy today.  A bit hilly, but not too fast.  Very hot.

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