Monday, August 15, 2016

20 Miles

Monday, August 15, 2016:

Part of today's run was along a
railroad track.
And no problems!  This was a hot and hilly walk/run, but very enjoyable.  I finished 20.1 miles in 5:43:00, for an overall pace of 17 minutes per mile.  But if I discount several trips into buildings for water (gas station, city hall, grade school), and time for taking some 25 photos, and a couple of chats with citizens, it gets a little better.  Suppose those delays added up to 20 minutes, then the pace would be 16 minutes/mile, good enough for a marathon, if only barely.  Hopefully the actual marathon will be a little easier than this route was today.

The right knee muttered just a little bit, but not enough to matter.

Wow I just added up the mileage for the last 7 days and it comes to 49.8 miles.  That's a lot in a week for an old man - probably too much.  Seems like I got away with it today, but I'll cool it now for a couple of days.

Sunday, August 14:

We three explored a nearby short trail that we hadn't used before.  Not the most attractive trail, but something new.  1.5 miles at a modest pace.

Saturday, August 13:

With My Sweeties. Walked 3 miles to the park, then 4 miles on the trail, and walked home with the girls again.  I did the middle 4 miles at a sub-15 pace, but the other miles were slower.  They still count, though!

Friday, August 12:

Six Useful Miles   As contrasted with miles with no destination - all training miles are useful of course.  Today, though, I strode and ran from home to the park where we run on Saturday mornings, and then back by a different route.

I hustled, so the pace was pretty good.  I felt great - no whining.

Splits: 43:11, 39:16, total 1:22:26, pace 13:58.

Thursday, August 11:

Five Inches of Rain   Last night.  In fact I was planning to do some speed training with friends on a nearby track this morning, but when I got up it was still raining so I went back to bed and slept another 2 ½ hours.  Must have needed it.

Then I went exploring again, finding five trails (still soggy) and two parks that I never knew about within a half mile of home!  Nice run, probably a bit over 6 miles in 1:38:00.  The right knee complained just a bit, but only briefly.  I try not to run downhill, as that probably isn't good for the knee, but I did a little running on the flat.

Wednesday, August 10:

Hot & Sticky   This was an exploratory run, trying to find trails between neighborhoods.  I didn't find much, but went about six miles in about 90 minutes and enjoyed myself.  VERY warm and humid, but no other problems


MikeT said...

What a beautiful area you have to run in. How did you like running on the gravel? I always enjoyed it with proper shoes.
I hope to start slow jogging in the near future. Will be starting darzalex next week. How is your treatment going lately? Thanks. Really appreciate your posts. Read every one of them. Mike

Don said...

Hi Mike,

I love grass and gravel trails, at least as much as paved ones, and I think they offer a different sort of training for the feet and ankles.

Good luck with your Darzalex infusions! The first one can take a long time, especially if a person has a reaction, and even after that they take some hours, but I just bring my computer and stuff to do and the time flies by. Results were very encouraging last Wednesday - I blogged about it here:

I hope you get back to your jogging soon. Life is good!