Thursday, August 11, 2016

Five Inches of Rain

Thursday, August 11, 2016:

Last night.  In fact I was planning to do some speed training with friends on a nearby track this morning, but when I got up it was still raining so I went back to bed and slept another 2 ½ hours.  Must have needed it.

Then I went exploring again, finding five (still soggy) trails and two parks that I never knew about, all within a half mile of home!  Nice run, probably a bit over 6 miles in 1:38:00.  Sunny, hot, and humid, so I didn't push too hard.

The right knee complained just a little, but only briefly.  I try not to run downhill, as that probably isn't good for the knee, but I did a little running on the flat.

Wednesday, Aug 10:

Hot & Sticky.  This was an exploratory run, trying to find trails between neighborhoods.  I didn't find much, but went about six miles in about 90 minutes and enjoyed myself.  VERY warm and humid, but no other problems.

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