Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Shorter and Faster

After yesterday’s nice four-mile run I felt like going a litter faster today, for just three miles.  I walked 10 laps of each mile and ran three, with a resulting pace of 11:37.  That time would finish a marathon in just over five hours, and it’s a lot faster than I need to go (or could go).  But it felt good today.

Mile splits: 11:41, 11:38, 11:31, total 34:50.

Monday, Feb 29, 2016:

After a good 12-mile run Saturday I was still a little tight today, so I speed-walked four miles, running just one of the 13 laps in just the fourth mile.  This “run” felt good, no whining at all.

Mile splits: 13:25, 13:25, 13:34, 12:35, total 53:00, average pace 13:25.

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