Monday, March 14, 2016

Four Miles the Other Way

Usually I run from our house toward the west and north, on local roads and trails, often a loop.  This time I ran to the east and north, another measured 4-mile loop, though a bit hillier, with excursions of 100 feet up & down and with busier roads and a few traffic lights.  I do enjoy those hills in training, if not so much in an actual 26-mile marathon.

Nice, cool run today, low 50's, cloudy, and 97% humidity, almost foggy.  No problem, no whining.  I took 40 mg of dexamethasone (DEX) last night, part of my new cancer protocol, so I felt full of energy and ran more than I might have  otherwise.  DEX isn't good in the long run, because it sort of dissolves muscle, but it's on the menu right now and what I need to do to stay alive.

Mile splits: 12:49, 12:44, 12:37, 12:46, total 50:56, 3.98 miles, average pace 12:48.

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