Saturday, February 27, 2016

Everybody Outside!

56 degrees in Minnesota on a Saturday in February, that's what happens.  Moms & dads, baby strollers, kids on.bikes, dogs on leashes, people walking, running, biking, shorts & t-shirts.

Me too, mostly speed walking, running very little, only uphill, never downhill, for maximum training effect and minimum pounding on the spine.  I'm still concerned about my spine.  Today's overall pace was 13:41 per mile, about 4.4 mph, on a somewhat-hilly route.  That pace would finish a marathon in about 6 hours if I never had to stop at all.  15 minutes/mile is 6:33, a much better target.

The only back pain was on the left side, and felt like a muscle ache that I have felt before in recent marathons and training runs.  I don't think it is related to the spine, which causes pain that seems to be on my right side.  That was not present today after the first mile or two.  I did have a bit of dexamethasone (DEX) in my system, to keep the spine issue from flaring up.  See my other blog.  .  We need to figure out the underlying problems, but DEX is a temporary workaround.

I carried water, stopped twice at the house for nature breaks, and took two Cliff Shot gels.  Shorts and a long-sleeved shirt.  What a lovely day and an excellent walk/run.

Two-mile splits: 25:36 (1.96 mi), 27:04 (2.00), 28:11 (2.00), 28:43 (2.01), 27:52 (2.04), 26:23 (1.96), total 2:43:50, 11.97 mi, average pace 13:41.  I'm quite happy with that.

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