Saturday, December 19, 2015

Six Miles at the YMCA

Thursday, December 17, 2015:

This is the longest run I've done since starting the new myeloma treatment regimen, and it went very well.  No pains, no whining.

I walked 12 laps and ran the thirteenth lap of each mile.   The pace per mile was surprisingly consistent until the sixth mile, when it dropped off slightly during the walking.  The split times don't show that because I ran the last lap of that mile a bit faster than I had run the last laps of the previous miles.

The overall pace was 12:42, and I am certainly happy with that pace, though I am a bit suspicious that 13 laps might not be quite a full mile.  If there were 14 laps per mile, that would make the pace 13:41, which wouldn't be quite good enough, considering that I ran some of the time.  I think that the true distance is probably about 13.5 laps per mile, but I'll use 13 because it's more convenient and makes me feel faster :-)

Splits: 12:42, 12:44, 12:40, 12:43, 12:43, 12:42, total 1:16:14, pace 12:42.

Sunday, December 13:

Four miles at the YMCA   I forgot to bring my watch again, so used the ole clock on the wall.  At 13 laps per mile I pass that clock a lot.

Time about 51:00, distance 4 miles, pace about 12:45

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