Monday, December 28, 2015

Four Miles Faster

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Not a lot faster, but this time I ran three laps of each 13-lap mile at the YMCA, walking the other 10 laps as fast as I could.

A week ago I tried this, but running two laps per 13, and achieved a pace of 12:08.  Today the pace was 11:41 - no surprise.  Every lap that I run instead of walk saves about 20 seconds.  Evidently my running pace on that track is about 9 minutes/mile.

I felt great throughout, no complaints.

We're now thinking about a marathon at the end on January, and the longest run I've done since the Seattle marathon a month ago has been a modest 8 miles.  Time to ramp up!  Maybe 12 miles later this week, after some medical stuff at Mayo Clinic.

Splits: 11:53, 11:39, 11:38, 11:34, total 46:43, average pace 11:41.

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