Thursday, December 24, 2015

Eight miles at the YMCA

This is the longest walk/run since the Seattle marathon and since the start of my new myeloma treatment regimen a little over two weeks ago.

Whining: None!  This run went perfectly.  I walked (fast) 12 laps of each mile, then ran the 13th.  My pace slowed just a little (despite my efforts) in mile 7 and especially mile 8, but I ran the last lap of mile 8 pretty fast, so that one doesn't show as much.

I enjoyed this run, especially that last high-energy lap - a great lead-in to Christmas eve and Christmas day.

Splits: 12:41, 12:34, 12:27, 12:29, 12:30, 12:34, 12:40, 12:36, total 1:40:29, average pace 12:34.

May you have a wonderful Christmas season and a great 2016.

Monday, December 21:

Three miles in the soccer dome.  This seemed like a fairly easy run, though the average pace was 11:58, close enough to 12 miles per minute exactly. 

I walked three sides of the soccer field, and ran the fourth.  I must have run a little more than that in the third mile, though, because I saved almost 30 seconds on the mile.  I do like to finish hot when I can.

11:59, 12:20, 11:35, total 35:54, average pace 11:58.

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