Thursday, August 27, 2015

Walking Faster?

This afternoon I got in the second walk/run since the Edmonton Marathon, and tried to go a little faster, but with little success.

Splits 27:35 (2.01mi), 27:02 (2.01 mi), total 54:36, 4.02 miles, pace 13:35.  If I could sustain that pace for a marathon, the finish time would be 5:56.  Not much faster than the marathon I just ran (walked) in 6:03.  Maybe it's too soon after the marathon.

I still want to figure out how to walk faster.  Goal is sub-13, sustained.

Wednesday, August 26:

Photo Shoot.  My sweet girls took photos and videos of me as I ran.  This was the first run since the Edmonton Marathon and I took it fairly easy.

Four miles plus a little back and forth for the photo shoot.

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Louie StGeorge said...

Hi Don, Louie St. George writing from the Duluth News Tribune. Wondering if there's a phone number or email address I can reach you at?