Monday, August 03, 2015

20 Miles & Plenty Left

Monday, August 3, 2015:

Pace 14:21 - not bad.  If I never needed to stop, and could go just another 6 miles at that pace, I would finish a marathon in 6:17, a little faster than my last one!  
Of course I do need to stop for a nature break now and then, and the last 6 miles are the toughest, but I felt good at the end of this walk/run.  It was a perfect 20-mile training run - even the weather was perfect, 55 and calm at the start, 72 and breezy at the finish, mostly sunny.

The course consisted of five different 4-mile routes, each starting and ending at our house, making nature breaks and water refills easy.  I ran very little of it - just 15 or 20 seconds at the beginning and end of each route, and slightly more than that in the last quarter mile.  The pace was consistent - every mile was slightly faster than 15 minutes.  I stopped my watch during nature breaks, and can't do that in a real race, but still finished the 20 miles in just five hours elapsed time, 6:00 am to 11:00 am.

I took five Clif Shot gels along the way, several salt tablets, and 16 ounces of water every four miles except the first four.

Whining:  My right hamstring hurt a little after mile 3, a feeling which reminded me of a time in 2004 when a part of that hamstring actually did break during the Twin Cities Marathon, requiring me to walk to the finish.  Today it got better as I went along, though, and by the end I didn't feel it at all.  I think if I actually DO the stretches that I know how to do, every day for the next three weeks, that hamstring will be fine in the walking marathon.

2-mile splits:  26:23, 28:51, 28:57, 29:20, 29:28, 27:36, 28:50, 28:48, 29:59, 28:47, 4:46:57, pace 14:21 

Saturday, August 1:

Today we policed one mile of the new Zephyr trail, walking at a modest pace and picking up trash along the way.  We found very little trash!  We went a little beyond our scheduled turnaround, probably walking 2.5 miles total.  Easy.

Thursday, July 30:

Four miles, no problems.  Pace 14:01.  Two-mile splits: 28:10, 27:53, 56:02

Monday, July 27:

Twelve miles.  No problems.  Two-mile splits:  27:08, 29:27, 29:36, 31:07, 29:19, 29:32, total 2:56:10, pace 14:41.

Saturday, July 25:

Best four miles.  Two-mile splits: 27:34, 27:58, total 55:33, pace 13:53, sub-14!  I walked with Charley on the Zephyr Trail this morning, and we pushed it.  Thanks Charley.

Wednesday, July 22:

Better than last week.  This is DEX day, the day after I take my dexamethasone.  Last week on DEX day I did a longish run (walk) of 14 miles and experienced a lot of pep, a known DEX feature, but tired muscles.  Today I had the pep but muscles were fine, despite the 16-miler two days ago.  Go figger.

No problems.  Time 56:27, distance 4.00 miles, pace 14:07.  Not bad at all, since I'm shooting for sub-14.  Might get there!

What was different?
  • Shorter run of course, but last week even the first two miles were slower than they should have been.
  • I did start out from the house with a short run this time - maybe that stretches ligaments & things.
  • I took my DEX later in the evening last night - maybe that makes some kind of a difference.

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