Wednesday, March 12, 2014

More Dome

We’re preparing for a cold marathon in a couple of weeks, so we went to the Stillwater soccer dome again.  They heat that place a little, so it’s always above freezing, maybe even up to 40 degrees, but nothing like the room-temperature YMCA where we usually run.  The marathon may actually be much colder, possibly well below freezing, but I'm not quite ready to train outdoors in the slop quite yet.

Yesterday I ran five miles doing fartleks in the form of sprints along one side of the soccer field, jogging the other long side, and walking all of each short side.  Today I ran a more normal speed, probably 8.5 or 9 minutes per mile on the long sides and part of each short side.  Today was faster overall, and I found myself breathing harder as well, three footfalls per full breath most of the time.  That's a race pace.

Whining: None.  Great run - it's a masterpiece.

Splits: 10:45, 10:32, 9:42, 10:02, 9:40, total 50:21, overall pace 10:04.

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