Saturday, March 22, 2014

Another Cold Run

I ran in the park, the same route as yesterday and the day before, 4.84 miles. The temperature was 19 degrees, wind 13 mph gusting to 17, bright sun, but a windchill of 5.

Knee protection
Gear: Normal running shoes, short thin sox, McDavid knee protectors, running pants & briefs, LS undershirt, a SS technical shirt over an LS one, and a wind jacket, plus wind-resistant mittens, heavy ear covers, and a visor. This ensemble worked perfectly for these conditions - I had to unzip the jacket part way when running with the wind, and keep it tightly closed running into the wind. Nothing got cold, including feet or ankles. I had a full-face balaclava with me, but my face got accustomed to the cold and I didn't have to use it.

I have used the knee protectors before, especially in cold conditions. I knew that they would keep my knees warmer, and wanted to see if that warmth or the added knee support would improve the PFS. It may have - the right-knee PFS showed up a little today, but not nearly as much as yesterday, even though today was colder. The knee protector chafes a little on the back of the knee if I use it for 26 miles, but I've done it before and may decide to do it again.

I didn't feel quite as strong today as yesterday, legs a little weaker going up hills, but I nevertheless finished the route as quickly as yesterday, in fact 13 seconds faster. The pace was run 2, walk 3, same as yesterday.

Splits: 27:53, 26:43, total 54:36. Distance 4.84 miles, pace 11:17.

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