Friday, September 06, 2013

More Nike Zoom Terra Wildhorse

I took the new shoes for a slightly longer ride today, five miles on the hilly, grassy,  dirty, rutty, sandy trails in our nearby park.  I commented in some detail on these shoes yesterday and found no reason to amend those comments today.  Some additional comments:

  • Unlike the Brooks Launch, my only other shoes, the Wildhorse shoes do not pick up sand.  I ran right through the sandy spots today, making no effort to bypass them or slow to a walk, and got home with no sand in my shoes.  To be fair, the Launch shoes are designed for road running, not trails, but their tread does pick up and drop sand and pebbles.
  • These are neutral shoes - they don’t correct any foot issues, and neutral is just what I happen to need.

I have tried Nike road shoes before, and never found any that worked for me.  I wonder if Nike has an equivalent model with a road-running tread.  Anyway I’ll do more runs and longer runs in these shoes, but so far I’m liking them.

Today’s run was very nice indeed.  The temperature was 70 or so, and with the dewpoint at 64 that felt a bit warm in the sun, but I still ran 5.16 miles in 57:18, for a pace of 11:06, pretty good for me.  I ran/walked a ratio or 30/20, and ran up most hills, especially the toughest ones, walking down the other side to save wear and tear on bones and joints.

Whining:  None at all.

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