Friday, February 15, 2013

Taper Run, 4 Miles

Wednesday morning,
through the window
After 12 miles two days ago, and with a marathon looming, four miles was just the ticket for today.  We ran on the Woodbury YMCA track, 13 loops per mile.  I forgot my watch, but used a wall clock and I believe that I ran the four miles in 39 minutes, for a pace slightly better than 10 minutes per mile.  I did my usual run/walk, running about 5 to 1 by distance, 3 to 1 by time.  Good enough.

Whining: This morning when I got out of bed I felt a strange cramp in the right calf.  After a little massage it seemed to go away, and didn’t bother during some snow shoveling and other work.  During the run, though, it reappeared, more while running than while walking.  I stopped once to massage it a bit, and it was better, though not gone.  Problem: It was different from my usual calf cramps, and I’m not absolutely certain that it was not a deep-vein thrombosis (DVT), which can be a risk of my current myeloma treatment.  It’s gone now, though.

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