Tuesday, February 05, 2013

18 Miles

This was the long run in preparation for our upcoming Cape Cod marathon.  We three went to the Stillwater Bubble at 6:30 am, and ran for three hours plus.  For a while I ran with friend Jim, and several other runners that I knew came and went while we were there, but mostly I ran by myself because I was doing my run/walk, this time with a ratio of about 3 or 4 to 1.  It’s very awkward for someone else to follow that unless they have trained for it.  It’s the only way that I can finish a marathon, though, and it’s helping me stay injury-free.  It works for me.

Splits:  19:46 (2 mi), 10:00, 9:51, 9:58, 9:58, 10:02, 10:19, 10:24, 10:36, 10:13, 20:26 (2 mi), 10:08, 10:09, 10:04, 10:00, 10:20, total 3:02:10, average pace 10:07.  If this pace could be continued for another 8.2 miles, the resulting marathon time would be just under 4:26, very near Boston qualifying time.  That’s also a half hour faster than any marathon I've run in the past two or three years, so it means that this training run was faster than marathon pace.  Huh.  I wonder what might happen if I went for it and tried to run this pace in Cape Cod.  

I believe that my calves would cramp up in the last miles.  They have a habit of doing that, ever since I took dexamethasone (DEX) as one of my myeloma treatments.  DEX takes away muscle mass, and I suppose that’s one reason that I get cramps.  Also, though, I didn't bring salt tablets with me today because I wasn't worried about hyponatremia on a cool run (45 degrees) of only 18 miles.  I forgot that the primary reason for the salt tablets is to ward off cramps.  Duh.  Maybe I’ll shoot for something intermediate in Cape Cod, like 4:50.  We’ll see - weather may be a factor.

Today I got the first twinge of a calf cramp in the last quarter of the final lap.  Great timing!  I got more cramps after the run was over, but nothing serious.  After the run and a nice breakfast, I went out and shoveled snow for two and a half more hours, and then several other heretofore uncatalogued muscles made their presence known by cramping up, including something in the upper thighs, plus the forearms, plus my hands.  And now, of course, I’m very very tired, as if I really did run a marathon.  Every large muscle is sore, and several of the small ones too.  That’s a good thing - that’s what training is about, and it actually feels good. Maybe a nap this afternoon?

I took water every two miles, about five ounces each time, and a Clif Shot gel (mocha, with caffeine) four times.  Alas, no salt except the small amount offered by the gel.

Whining:  The right knee with patellofemoral syndrome (PFS) complained a little while walking, though not while running, between miles 3 and 7 or so, but then decided to shut up and go with the program.  No other sign of any injury.

It’s a masterpiece!  Oyeah. 

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