Sunday, February 03, 2013

Last Run in North St Paul

The Community Center is closing at the end of March.  We purchased a 30-day pass early in January, because we really like the track there, but since our Silver Sneakers will now get us into other places that have good tracks too, we won’t be buying any more monthly passes for the N. St. Paul Community Center.  Too bad.  I hope that the city will reverse the decision and keep the Community Center open, though it doesn't sound likely.

I had a nice high-energy run/walk today, just four miles, running about three paces for every one walked (actually about 180 to 60), by distance probably a ratio of four or five to one.  I know that “real” runners don’t take the walk breaks, but I sure do find it less tiring for the same speed, and I seem to get fewer injuries.  For now, working toward another marathon, I’ll be doing the run/walk all of the time.

Whining: None.

Splits:  9:44, 9:23, 9:11, 9:06, total 37:25, average pace 9:21.

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