Sunday, November 04, 2012

My Trail Is Gone!

Alongside the railroad track is a dirt & rock road, barely two tire tracks, on which the railroad sends its trucks to service the tracks.  I've enjoyed that road many times over the years - it was a favorite run.  It takes the runner or biker behind the neighborhoods and over the railroad bridges, to places no one sees otherwise.  It also requires a sharp eye, to avoid the occasional large stone and twisted ankle.

However, the railroad recently rebuilt the track, replacing the ties and the stone bed in which the ties nestle.  Unfortunately, they were quite generous with the stones for the bed, and in many places those stones spilled down the bed and onto the little dirt road beside it.  The stones are crushed granite, with dimensions up to 3 inches or so, easily capable of twisting an ankle.  I didn't get hurt today, but came close, and I probably won’t be running on that favorite trail again.  Too bad.

I did have a decent four-mile run, though, despite having to walk a few times through the worst of the obstacles.

Splits:  9:57, 9:41, 9:53, 9:23, total 38:56, pace 9:44.

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