Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 10

We took another nice walk on the park’s grass trails today, a little farther and a little faster than before. What a nice day - 60 degrees and a cool breeze. 4.4 miles in 1:27, pace about 20 minutes per mile.

This is the 10th day after the hernia surgery, very little pain during the walk, but it’s certainly not healed yet. I haven’t tried to run more than a shuffling step or two, and won’t for a while. I’ll get more direction from the surgeon in our post-surgical evaluation on Monday, I hope.

I had my fourth session of acupuncture today too, treating the surgical incision and my chronic peripheral neuropathy. So far I can’t tell whether it’s helping; the neuropathy hasn’t improved much, but the surgery seems to be healing rapidly.

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