Thursday, March 25, 2010

Trail Run

Recovery run in the park today, on the grass trails for the first time this year. Surprise - they were FINE, just as firm as they usually are in the summer. Because I had run 20 miles just a few days ago, I ran fairly easily and finished the 6.9 miles in 1:10:30, not actually a bad time for this hilly route. That’s a pace of 10:13. I walked up some hills, but mostly ran.

I love the park. Everything is still brown, actually getting a little too dry perhaps. The rivers are flooding, but the wilderness will need rain soon.

This little patch was the only snow left on the entire 6.9-mile trail.

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Stephen Greene said...

Nice run, Don, and thanks for the inspiration.

I was diagnosed in Jan. 2003 following a resection of a plasmacytoma from my chest. We knocked the mm into a smoldering state twice, but the numbers indicate new activity and for the first time, I've felt symptoms that made me aware it was back before the test results were in.

With protein and glucose on the rise, we're discussing when to restart Revlimed/Dex. Probably at the end of April.

What I'm missing, though, is the physical activity. You're running log reminds me of how great it feels to be one of the few out in the early morning for a run, (shorter distance for me) or a long bike ride. Thanks for that, Don and for the delectable food ideas as well.

Best to you,