Sunday, October 11, 2009

Two Miles Too Far

Sometimes the St Croix Valley Runners meet on Sunday for an ad-hoc run that is longer than Saturday’s customary five-mile run. Today I joined this group for an 8-miler which I knew would be slow - perfect for recovering from TCM and preparing for the next marathon.

I felt a slight pain in the left achilles’ tendon toward the end, after about the sixth mile, so I walked part of the last two miles. Something new. Could that be from different shoes? I doubt it, but it is possible. Anyway it didn’t hurt after the run, and there will be no more running until Tuesday at least, perhaps even Wednesday.

Because I’ve had some trouble with my right knee recently after a run in the Nike Lunarglide shoes, I wore the Brooks Launch shoes today. The knee does feel better today than yesterday, so maybe that helped. Or maybe the foam knee covers under the tights made the difference.

7.8 miles in 1:23:00, pace 10:38. Beautiful day for running, 34 degrees and cloudy. It’s a masterpiece.

Breakfast with kefir
We recently discovered kefir, an alternative to yogurt at 3/4 the price. It's full of probiotics, like yogurt, tastes about the same (to me), but is runnier, which goes fine on a bowl of oatmeal with fruit & berries.


Londell said...

Where do you find kefir?

Don said...

Cub, Whole Foods, any co-op. And it comes in a stand-up 1-quart bottle, so it fits in the fridge a little easier than yogurt.

Shake before using, though :-)

Anonymous said...

What is your next marathon going to be?

Don said...

I don't usually give enough advance infomation to tell blog surfers exactly when the home will be empty.

But in this case the home will be occupied while I'm gone. I'm going to Denver. New state for me.