Monday, May 26, 2014


Monday, May 26, 2014 (Memorial Day):

Maybe we'll get summer after all.  Today's run was on the grass trails again, in the bright sun, with a temperature of 74 and a dew point of 64.  This was a sticky run, and I was drenched at the finish, but I enjoyed it.  I did a target run/walk ratio of 2 to 3 again, and finished 7.18 miles in 1:27:49, for a pace of 12:14, almost exactly the same as yesterday's pace, and with the addition of two more miles.

I was careful not to do any long downhill runs today, maintaining the 2 to 3 ratio instead, and the PFS in the right knee did not appear, though a little of  it did show up later on the stairs at home.

Best news of all: I felt strong at the start, and even stronger at the end.  Great run - it's a masterpiece!

Sunday, May 25, 2014:

Friday's short & fast (for me) run took so much out of me that I skipped yesterday's run altogether.  Today I felt like having a nice, easy run on my favorite trails.  Using a run/walk ratio of 2 to 3, I ran 5.16 miles in 1:03:15, for a pace of 12:15, more than two minutes per mile slower than the "race" I ran on Friday.

Whining:  I did have some trouble with the PFS in the right knee, especially on two particular occasions, after doing a long, downhill run in each case.

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