Saturday, May 24, 2014

3.7 Miles No Walking

May 24, 2014:

Except down a few steep hills to avoid knee injury.  We ran under a bright sun, 73 degrees, with no wind.  I decided to run without walking and went 3.73 miles

Life is good
in 37:01, for a pace of 9:55.  Not bad for those trails, actually, considering the iffy footing, the hills, and even one stream that had to be crossed by hopping from one rock to another.

I didn't feel strong today, probably because I'm limiting calories, and I may have run a little too fast, because it felt like a race pace throughout, and I was having a tough time maintaining the pace toward the end.  I was very warm, and so glad to be finished.

Whining: The PFS in the right knee mumbled part of the way, but was worse after we got home and I had to use the stairs.

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