Saturday, January 07, 2017

Third Training Run

On the new training program.

I was at Mayo clinic for a day this week, then felt sick for a couple of days, so this is the first run since Monday.  No connection implied between the Mayo and the illness - doubtless just a coincidence.  In fact, the news at Mayo was good - the myeloma is still stable at a level that doesn't seem to be hurting me.

I still wasn't entirely up to par today, though, so I couldn't walk quite as fast as I had in some recent runs.  Nevertheless it was a good session.  For five intervals I walked 9 minutes, then ran 1, and for the final interval walked 3.5 minutes and ran 1.5, with a couple more walking laps to reach 4.5 miles.  No problems.  The next three or four sessions will employ runs of 1.5 minutes.

The very next session is a 1-mile race, which will be incorporated into the training regimen.  This will be fun.

Mile splits: 12:54, 12:49, 13:02, 12:51, 6:16 (½ mi), total 57:53 for 4.5 mi, overall pace 12:53.

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