Monday, January 02, 2017

First Two Training Runs

Monday, January 2, 2017:

As if I haven’t already run thousands of mile in training!  But this is a new deal.  I’ve accepted my therapist’s advice on training for more speed, and I’m doing it by the book.  So far so good.

Today I walked fast for 9 minutes and ran 1 minute, repeating that for five intervals, then ran 4 minutes and walked 1 for the sixth interval.  With a couple of extra walking laps at the end, that took me to 4 ½ miles in about 57 minutes.  The pace works out to 12:44, but I think the advertised 13 laps per mile for the YMCA track is at least a half lap short of a real mile, so I wasn't going quite 12:44.

Whatever, this was a more-energetic training run than usual, though I think that my breathing and heart rate stayed below the aerobic threshold (burning mostly fat, not much glucose) for the time.

No pains, no strains.  Now according to the therapist's rules I can't do another training run for two days.  That's OK - maybe tomorrow is my day to figure out the resistance part of the new regimen.

When I do run again, I'll do this same sequence of intervals.  After that third sequence, I'll increase the running portion of the intervals to 1.5 minutes, reducing the walking portion accordingly.

Splits: 12:54, 12:50, 12:50, 12:29, 6:14 (½ mi), total 57:17 for 4.5 mi, pace 12:44.

Saturday, December 31, 2016:

First Real Training Run.   The plan today was to walk at least 4 minutes, then run one minute, repeating that sequence six times.  I chose to walk 9 minutes and run 1, finishing the last interval with 4 minutes and 1 minute.  Total 4 ½ miles in 57:44, for a pace of 12:50.

No pains.

Splits: 12:47, 12:58, 12:59, 12:34, 6:26 (½ mi)

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