Sunday, January 29, 2017

Outdoor Run In January!

Saturday, January 28, 2016:


Trails and sidewalks were almost dry and bare today, and the temperature was almost up to freezing, so I couldn't resist.  We haven't had much snow recently, and the city and (most) citizens have been doing an admirable job of clearing it.  In the few places where citizens have ignored their civic (and legal) duty to keep their sidewalk clear, I slowed to a walk and, where possible, walked around the ice that had formed.  No problem.

Today the run portion of each of the six intervals was 2.5 minutes.  I'll probably do that once more, and then step it up to 3 minutes.  This was a very enjoyable run, so much more interesting than 52 laps around the track at a YMCA or 21 laps in the soccer dome.

Two-mile splits: 28:22, 26:17, total 4 miles in 54:40, pace 13:40.  Gear: Two shirts & a wind jacket, running pants, ear cover, & gloves.  Just right.

Weight Loss:

One element of my training regimen is weight loss, with a preliminary goal of about 20 pounds.  Maybe 25.  I started at 170.8 on Monday morning Jan 16, then down to 167.0 last Wednesday Jan 25.  That was a monthly infusion day though, the infusion including 50 mg of IV prednisone, and I weighed 171 Thursday morning, a 4-pound gain.  Uff-da.  Still, I've been down a little every day since, and today I weighed 167.5.

Well, that's pretty close to 2 pounds per week, which is actually good enough.  History reminds me that I'm likely to get sick if I lose too fast, and I feel great right now.  Two pounds per week would be just fine if I keep it up.

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