Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Fall Is My Favorite Season

Monday, October 3, 2016:

We flagged down a passing bike rider
who seemed pleased to take this photo
The old Woodbury Runners Group came out of retirement for one last hurrah.  Seven of us.  We split into three groups, with Rich and myself going together for one loop around Carver Lake and a bit more.  Very nice to connect with Rich again.  Need to do that more often.  Hope to see Scott at the Saturday morning group that I run (or walk) with.

Sunday, October 2:

Adventure   Of sorts.  I found a new and safer way to cross the diagonal highway, taking me from the Post Office to the High School.  I chose to cut through the High School grounds, instead of taking the planned route around it.  Fences around the school's construction zones redirected me, however, and I ended up going around it anyway, but on the wrong (long) side.

Actually it was quite enjoyable.  I saw kids playing baseball, soccer, volleyball, and sports I didn't even recognize this lovely Sunday afternoon. Lots of proud parents too, and it looked like maybe more than a few grandparents.

I lost track of the distance, because of the detour, but I think I went about 15 minutes per mile, and I know the time was 2:16:17, so I'm saying that I went 9 miles.  No problems, no whining.

Saturday, October 1:

Nice Walk   These are the days that I will remember throughout the winter.  Cool, dry, and with the trees entertaining us with their colorful fall plumage.  We had a very nice speedy walk, Karon and I today, going 3.7 miles in just under an hour.

Friday, September 30:

Uneventful Hospital Loop Four miles takes me past the hospital and my doctor’s office.  About 56 minutes, for a pace of about 14 minutes/mile.

Tuesday, September 27:

Another Grocery Run.  6.7 miles or so to the organic grocery.  We shopped and backpacked the food back home, stopping at another grocery on the way.  The hike took about 2:45:00, but that includes the time at the stores and several other stops.  A very nice hike.

Monday, September 26:

Long-Sleeve Shirt Day   And how.  The temperature wasn’t too bad, but  the wind was 22 mph gusting to 29.  For once I was glad every time the sun came out.  4.1 miles in 1:03:57, for a pace of 15:36.  There are 10 stoplights on the route that I took today, and I waited for several , so I’m happy with the time.

Sunday, September 25:

Nice 8-mile walk/run in 1:57:07, for a pace of 14:38.


MikeT said...

Nice to have such a beautiful location for your runs. Weather getting cooler here in Long Beach CA. I'm off pomalyst now and going in for my 7th Darzalex infusion Fri. I have much less side effects on this drug. First blood test was very good. Hopefully next one will be also. You inspire me to walk longer and more often. You must be on Darzalex once a month now? Doing well I hope.
Regards, Mike.

Don said...

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your comments. I have almost no side effects from the Darzalex as well. I do get a "DEX day" from the prednisone, but I can live with that. Yes, I'm at four-week intervals now. Numbers look OK, seem to be stable at M-Spike of 0.5.

I get the infusions locally at a hospital less than 2 miles from home, so for right now I only have to do the 120-mile round trip to Mayo Clinic once every other month. In the "between" month we do a "kit draw," where Mayo ships me a box and I take it to the local clinic for the draw, then ship it back.

Be strong, walk long, be well!


MikeT said...

Good to hear that your numbers are holding steady. After first 3 weeks of Darzalex my m-spike dropped from 1.1 to 0.8 and Igg from 1560 to 1235.
Did your fatigue, if any, lessen after going to every other week infusions?
I'm going to step up my walking to 1 hour per day this weekend with occasional bits of jogging.
I get my infusions (getting one now) at my doctor's office locally. Benadryl, 10mg dex, Zantac, 500mg Tylenol. In at 8:30a out by about 1pm. I'm 74.
Thanks again for inspiration to exercise more.