Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Dark & Gloomy Morning

Wednesday, Oct 26, 2016:

Perfect for running.  Today’s temperature was about 45 degrees, all day long, with just a little wind.  It rained early, then let up about 11 am, so I took off.  I did almost the same run as last Sunday, adding a tenth of a mile to make it an even 8 miles.  This is a nice route, providing potential bathroom breaks at a park, a bar, and our church.  Finished in 1:59:19, for a pace mighty close to 15 minutes/mile.  A little running, but not much, and I think I strode a little slower than Sunday, hence the slightly slower pace.

Ready for a little cold rain

My back bothered a little after a few miles, on the left side, in the ribs and definitely not the spine.  Muscular, I’m sure, lack of “core strength.”  This happens from time to time.  After the 100th marathon in Philly I’m going to start a different training regimen and get after that core strength issue.

Later, I noticed that the outside bottom of my left foot hurt a little as I walked around stocking-footed in the house.  Hopefully that's just a temporary thing.

Monday, Oct 24:

Walk to the Market.  Once a week, lately, we three walk to the local organic grocery market, about a 7 mile round trip.  We each wear a backpack, and we carry the groceries back up the hill and home.  The trip includes a 155-step outdoor staircase, rising 100 feet, very good cross training!

In all, the elevation change between our home and the market is about 300 feet.  We don’t go especially fast, but it’s good training anyway.  In the Des Moines Marathon I found myself maintaining speed up the hills, almost as if they weren’t there.

Sunday, Oct 23:

Big Lake.  No problems.  7.9 miles in 1:55:37, for a pace of 14:38.  It’ll do.

Saturday, Oct 22:

SCV Runners & walkers, four miles with George n about 61 minutes.

Friday, Oct 21:

Hospital Loop.  Four miles in 59:59.  Huh.

Tuesday, Oct 18:

Walk to the Market, 7 miles.

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