Monday, September 12, 2016

Organic Shopping Again

We three walked about 7 miles to the organic grocery again, from our home dropping almost 300 feet to the river and back up, with several wobulations in between.  Hilly, warm and otherwise just lovely today.  We mostly ran on trails, sidewalks, and very quiet streets.  It took us 3:22 to do this route, but we weren’t in a hurry.  In fact, when we got to the grocery store their power was out and they couldn’t let us in, so we went to a nearby bookstore and bought lattes first. The power came back eventually.

Going back home we climbed THE STAIRS, a famous feature of our city, taking the adventurous climber up about 100 feet in about 145 steps, all concrete with steel-pipe railings.  People do the stairs as an exercise program, and today so did we.  As with most climbers, when we got to the top we stopped for a moment to appreciate the superb view of the city and the river.  And to catch our breath!

The leaves are starting to collect on the trails, wherever the wind can’t blow them away.  The trees still look normal, no change in color yet, but they must be a little thinner.  Days are shorter - it’s not quite light at 6:00 am now.  I do so love this time of year, the next month or two.  What a treat to run in cool, dry weather, with the city’s trees putting on their fireworks display.

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