Thursday, February 25, 2016

Feeling Better

Thursday, February 25, 2016:

I’m taking a little dexamethasone (DEX) now to deal with some serious pain in odd places, probably due to a myeloma hot spot in the spinal column pressing against the spinal cord.  The theory is that the DEX reduces inflammation enough to eliminate or seriously reduce the pain.  See my other blog.  

I walked three miles at the Y on Tuesday, and another three today, except that I walked faster today and cheated by running one of the 13 laps in the last mile.  It feels very good.  I can’t wait for tonight’s supper and a beer.

Saturday is supposed to be warm here, almost shirt sleeve weather, so if the wind isn't too bad I want to do a longer run (walk) on actual roads and trails for the first time this year.

Mile splits: 12:49, 12:54, 12:37, total 38:20, average pace 12:47.

Tuesday, Feb 23:

Goodbye New Orleans  

I've had some serious pain in the last few days, making it hard to eat anything, much less train for a marathon.  We have had to scrub our plans for the New Orleans Marathon this coming weekend.  Oh well, there is another marathon three weeks down the pike.  Meantime, I may have found a solution for the pain.  I feel wonderful today.

Mile splits: 13:59, 13:57, 13:56, total 41:52, average pace 13:57.  Plenty good for today.

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