Sunday, October 11, 2015

Eight Miles

Less mileage, but equal or greater intensity.  This was a taper run, of course, just half the distance of last Monday's longish run.

What a beautiful morning it was, cool but not cold, sun shining, with the trees now really beginning to showboat their dazzling fall plumage.  I stopped briefly a few times for photos, and stopped my watch for those moments as well.  I love fall color, and Minnesota color is as good as any in the country, better than most.

This was mostly a walk again today, but I did run now and then when I felt like it, usually downhill but uphill a few times.  I wouldn't do that in a marathon, but this was a training run and sometimes an uphill haul is fun.

Whining:  (1) Both feet hurt a little on the bottoms, from the current myeloma treatment; and (2) The right hamstring twitched a few times, painfully enough to make me drop from a run to a walk, but I think it was a nerve and not muscle injury.

Nevermind the whining, on the whole this was a delightful run.

Two-mile splits:  23:32, 25:10, 25:10, 23:32, total 1:37:24, pace for 8.04 miles 12:07.

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