Sunday, June 21, 2015

Longest, Fastest Bike Ride

In recent memory, that is.  24 miles at a pace of about 13 mph.  The first ride over 18 miles, and the first over 12 mph.

I don't think I worked any harder on this ride than I have before - it's just a slightly easier route with fewer hills, mostly on trails that were once railroad tracks, hence not steeply graded.  Also the wind was not strong and, as with hills, wind hurts more than it helps.

Walk tomorrow if there is an opening in the rainclouds.

Splits: to BC Park 14:36, to GW 14:20, to GW Mile 12 - 6:36, reverse to PPK 25:11, reverse to Zeph 21:40, to BC Pk 11:52, to home 16:01, total 1:50:16 for about 24 miles, speed 13 mph.

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