Saturday, June 20, 2015

Blogging Again

Since the most-recent hamstring injury on June 3 I have run very  little and blogged even less.  I have been busy, though, mostly biking, one ride of 18 miles and several shorter ones, working hard.

More important, I have been walking.  For some reason the hamstring doesn't hurt when I walk, only when I run, so there is a possibility that I could actually walk a marathon with no running at all.  For now that's my training plan, walking (fast) and only a little running, maybe 15 seconds per mile.  That's all!  It feels so good to run that it's hard to run that little, but for now only that much, and only uphill, because the injury has occurred twice now while running downhill.

Today I walked 6.13 miles in 1:27:48, for a pace of 14:19 minutes per mile.  That's not bad at all - if sustained for a whole marathon that would bring in a finish of 6:16, and would actually allow for two or three bathroom stops in a marathon with a  6:30 time limit.

I walked four miles yesterday, and five the day before that, all at a pace faster than 15 minute miles.  It's a training plan and it will work.  Bike tomorrow though - I don't want to push my luck.

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