Saturday, April 05, 2014

Recovery Runs

April 5, 2014:

After a two-day rest, I felt very strong for this run on the park’s paved trails, and did a run/walk with a 1 to 1 ratio, 20 second run and 20 walk.

50 degrees today, promising 60 tomorrow.  I’m so very glad to be running outdoors again. More trails will be open soon, as the snow finally disappears completely.  It will, won't it?

Whining:  The right knee with PFS mumbled a little, but didn't cause any real problem.  This trail does seem to bring out that PFS.  Otherwise I sensed no issues remaining from the marathon six days ago.

Splits: 27:27 out, 27:39 back, total 55:26, pace 11:27.

April 2:

This was the first real recovery run since the Ann Arbor Marathon.  I ran three miles in the Stillwater Bubble, starting at a careful pace but ending up feeling fine and running faster.  I didn't record the actual times, but the overall pace was better than 12 minute miles.

Whining: Zip.

April 1:

Two days after the marathon I was still a bit stiff, so I walked for 40 minutes, pace about 18:20, just a normal "brisk" walk with no sweating and no elevation in breathing rate.  It felt nice.

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