Sunday, April 20, 2014

Delightful Easter Run

Almost too warm, at a sunny and windless 70 degrees, but after the winter we've just survived, we loved it.  Gimme more.  To make it perfect, the ice finally went out from the lake, just today.

I ran the 1 to 2 run / walk again, hopefully sticking more closely to that plan than I did yesterday.  I ran 4.87 miles in about 58 minutes (gotta fix my 11-year-old watch or get a new one).  That's a pace of about 11:55, probably about right for that run / walk ratio.  I may use that ratio for the next marathon, we'll see.  It calculates out to a 5:12 marathon, so with nature breaks and the inevitable tiring and possible cramps, I could make 5:30 or 5:40.

The good news is that I felt no pains, neither from the left hamstrings nor the right knee.

Tapering now for the next marathon, bring it on!

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