Monday, September 17, 2012

Semi-long Taper Run

With two weeks to go before the marathon in New Hampshire, we went to the Gateway Trail to run a medium-distance taper run, just ten little miles. I decided not to try to run the whole way, but to stick to the run/walk method, running about 40 seconds of each 65 (I use a counting system, not a watch).

Berry season is almost over,
but we found these organic
strawberries at Costco.
This time we explored another part of the Gateway, between miles 4 and 9, taking us through North St. Paul and Maplewood, including wonderful pedestrian bridges over Century, McKnight, and White Bear Avenues.  The Century bridge is brand-new and quite attractive.  This part of the trail scoots along Hwy 36 for a mile or two, rather noisy, but then hops into a corridor of trees which itself disappears into the neighborhoods, popping out only for a cross street or one of those bridges.  It’s a very nice trail, but I also like the trail from miles 9 to 18, which we often use and which is even more wooded and secluded.

Other comments on the trail: (1) Water is available at two locations at least, but will be shut off when the first hard frost is predicted; and (2) mile markers are missing at miles 6 & 7.

Whining:  None during the run.  Afterward my left knee hurt, quite a lot actually, but that only lasted a few hours and is gone.

Splits: 41:04 (4 miles), 10:20, 31:19 (3 miles), 10:26, 10:16, total 1:43:24, pace 10:20, plenty good.  I could probably run three more miles for a half marathon now at this pace, resulting in a time of about 2:15.  I can do better, but that time would be OK today.

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