Friday, February 10, 2012

Elliptical Yet Again

Elliptical machine again, this time at resistance level 6 instead of 8 (max), and 40 minutes instead of 30. 428 calories, 4.8 “miles,” 7.2 average MPH, 72 average RPM.

The sports hernia is getting better every day. Several times a day I do a particular stretch which helps the abdominal wall heal properly. Today that stretch didn’t hurt much, which is a good sign. Another measure of healing is absence of pain during a situp. That “situp test” test failed this morning, there was some pain, so I still need to hold off from running. I’m hoping to do the first walk/run early next week. I’m going bonkers, not being able to run.

The next marathon, in Annapolis, will be eight weeks after the previous one, in Jackson MS. Usually, with such a long interval, I’d do at least one long run about three weeks before the upcoming marathon. This weekend is at that three-week mark, however, and a long run seems unlikely. Ah, well.

100% grass-fed beef, organic beets with pineapple. organic broccoli & cheese:

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