Saturday, July 02, 2011

Summer Runs

July 2, 2011:

66 degrees and a warm sun at 7:00 am ths morning, as the St Croix Valley Runners took off on their run. Jim and I ran the Lake McCusick route in Stillwater, while the rest ran the Manning route, both routes five miles. This morning the temperature was 66 and the dew point was reasonable. Nice running.

Running with Jim is always inspiring, and I ran most of the way, walking only a few times. Time was about 45:20, pace 9:04. It’s a masterpiece.

July 1, 2011:

The temperature reached 100 degrees today at our house, but we went out to run while it was still only 81. Humid, too Phew. I only ran 3.6 miles, yet I don’t recall my T-shirt ever getting so wet on a run. No rain - just heavy, hot air.

The right knee hurt a bit again, of course. I ran pretty much all of the time, walking only briefly a couple of times. Time 35:15, pace 9:48. Good enough for 81 degrees.

Tuna with organic peas & cashews, organic cherry tomatoes with a little pepper sauce, avocado & lime juice.

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