Thursday, July 07, 2011

Easy Taper Run

We ran just 2.3 miles this morning, to loosen up more than anything. I ran 30 seconds and walked 30, which is the pace I’d like to maintain most of the next marathon. It comes out to about a 5-hour marathon, depending on how fast I run and how fast I walk. The right knee with PFS hurt a little at the start, but then didn’t bother much.

Time 25:12, pace 10:57, probably a bit faster than I need to go, a 4:47 marathon pace. I’ll actually start with the 5:00 hour pace team and hang with them as long as possible, though I may not be able to finish that fast. That marathon starts very early, and I figure I’ll make hay while the sun isn’t high. It’s a masterpiece.

Grass trails at the park a couple of days ago - an egret taking off just ahead.

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