Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gateway Trail Bridge over Manning

Sunday, Sep 20, 2009:

We three all went to the Gateway Trail. I ran a little farther, perhaps an extra mile, and then went back to pick them up and finish their run with them. Mileage was difficult to track, but I ran about an hour and seven minutes, and think that was about six miles. In the beginning I ran two minutes and walked one, but that broke down later and I just ran whenever I could and walked the rest.

This was a low-energy day. When I go down to Mayo every month for the cancer checkup, they always ask if I felt unusually tired, and I always say "no," but once in a while there is a day when I do feel tired. This is one of those days. I’ll feel better tomorrow - I just took my weekly dose of DEX, which has an effect like three cups of coffee all the next day.

It was a great day for running, though. Cool with a slight breeze, plenty of sun but the Gateway Trail is mostly shaded. We all went northeast from the Hwy 96 bridge up to Manning, where the signs say the trail is closed but it really isn’t. LOTS of people were on the trail today, including the part that is "closed."

They’re making progress on the bridge over Manning (Washington County 15). The bypass trail is laid out, fenced off, and "paved" with a deep layer of pea-gravel sand. Skinny-tire bikes can’t navigate it, but that part is only a tenth of a mile, so people pushed their bikes through it and got back on. I didn’t see whether a fat-wheel bike could ride through. Skaters and skiiers would no doubt have to carry their wheels too. Runners, walkers, and horses - no problem. I’m hoping that they pave over that sand surface with something. Crushed limestone makes sense for a temporary bypass, but not with that sand underneath. I suppose the sand will eventually support a layer of blacktop.

Saturday, Sep 19, 2009:

St Croix Valley Runners Five Miles. Every Saturday at 7:00 am sharp you can find the St Croix Valley Runners at Northland Tennis Courts in Stillwater. There is ALWAYS someone there to run with, even in a rainstorm, even in a blizzard. Just don't be late. We three show up fairly often.

Today I started out with George and Charley, but went a little faster then they did and wound up running by myself much of the way. I ran most of the way, but walked up a few little hills. Five miles in exactly 45:00, pace 9:00. Good enough! I used the Brooks Launch shoes, which were just fine.

Thursday, Sep 17, 2009:

This was a warm evening run in the park. We three returned from Mayo Clinic, where I got some slightly disappointing news, then ran after dinner. The grass is dry in the evening - that’s nice. I finished five miles in 50:55, for a pace of 10:11, which is not bad considering that I ran two minutes and walked one, the whole way. That’s working out pretty well for me.

I used the Nike Lunarglide shoes, which felt a little clumpy but were otherwise fine. I wish they were smoother - I’m going to try a different Nike model when these are worn out.

Wonderful sunset, I love watching the geese training for their winter trek, flying into the sunset.

Construction of the Gateway Bridge over Manning


Anonymous said...

Just a follow-up to your disappointing news. I have been following your site since June 2008 when I suffered my MM attack (was in hospital for 3 weeks in bad shape). I also had a brain damage concussion 4 mths earlier in Feb. 2008 which complicated the diagnosis for MM 4 months later. I'm 63, work 40 hrs a week, and been a runner for 30 years. Regarding your DEX, I have been taking 60mg of DEX once a week for the past 15 months (I have yet to find anyone else who takes 60mg at one time) + Revlimid 25mg, 21 day cycle. My blood condition is now "normal". I also take Keppra for my Brain condition (I had 2 seizures last year, both while ending a run, but none since Nov. 08 after Keppra). Now, I am getting an "analogous stem cell transplant" (in Feb 2010 at Dana Farber, Boston). If that goes well, then I may have (possibly) 3 years of normal health - no DEX or Revlimid. Have you considered a stem cell transplant? Today, I'm training for the Marine Corp Marathon (Oct 25) running for "Swab a Cheek", a charity that gets people on the bone marrow donor list by simply getting their cheeks swabbed. I ran 18 miles yesterday (3:15) and hope to do a 5 hour marathon. Not sure how DEX has deteriorated my muscles, but so far, so good, although I've lost over 1 minute per mile (maybe due to my "old age"!). I have no skin or bruise problems but can't sleep much for 2 days after DEX. Your info and refs have been extremely helpful for me as an MM "patient" and runner. We lead a very similar lifestyle. Thanks from Walter from NH.

Don said...

Hey Walter!

How wonderful to hear from you. I'm amazed at 60 mg of DEX. Never heard of that, but it seems to be working for you.

I'm impressed that you GOT INTO the Marine Corps Marathon - last I heard that was no easy trick. I love the "swab a cheek" concept. You will easily make the 5 hours if you can maintain the pace that you showed in the 18-mile run.

I have thought about an autologous transplant, and so far have decided to leave that as a last resort.

I don't know of any other marathoners with MM, and in fact I'm not sure I know any runners at all. Several people have said they WERE runners before MM, before they broke a vertebra or another bone. So good to hear from you.

Take care, Don

Anonymous said...

Don - RE: Myeloma 5K in Boston, this Saturday, Sept 26 - my wife and I are running. I will try for a 27:00 and my wife will do 26:00 (she's almost 65).
RE: Autologous Stem Cell Transplant: All my Doctors (particularly specialist at Dana Farber) said that I was an excellent candidate for the SCT because of my good health and condition. They all said "this is the best time to have a SCT". I also thought it was a "last resort" - it used to be, but not anymore. Perhaps you might discuss with Mayo Clinic?
RE: Marine Marathon. Yes, it sells out on first day online. I waited 2 months until I decided to try it with a charity and found "Swab a Cheek", for whom I am raising money and my spirits.
RE: Your Inspiration to me: If I never found and read your website, I don't think I would have continued to run at the level I am now. However, reading every day how much and what you do, your meds, and the references you offer, I said, "well, if he can do it, then I'll try and do it, too." Also, my wife is an excellent runner (Boston Marathon, qualified at 4:28 at Sugarloaf Maine on 5-17-09, age 65) and she runs all my long runs with me. And her daughter is running NYC on Nov. 1 (3:20 goal).
Thank you again for your help, therapy information and lifestyle inspiration. I couldn't have done it without you. Please let me know if you ever want to run a NH or NE marathon. (Walter from NH)

SteveQ said...

Don, I was looking into doing the MMRF 5K this weekend, but the website's the most confusing mess imaginable and other than a time and a place, I can't get any information out of it. I assume you're doing it - do you want another member (ringer) on your team?

SteveQ said...

Never mind - the site just started working for me. I'll probably see you there.

Don said...

Hi Steve,

I can use all the ringers I can get! Bless your heart.

Until you just suggested it now, though, I never considered setting up a team. I just pay the $25 and show up like everyone else.

It would be great to see you there.


Don said...

Hi Walter,

RE: 5k. I'll be lucky to run about 27:00 in the MMRF Race for Research in St Paul this Sunday. We run about the same speed!

RE: Auto SCT. This question is a bit academic for me at present, as I can't even do the harvest while on the Mayo study of pomalidomide. But even if it were possible now I might still wait. The argument for doing it early, as I understand it, is to enjoy a good lifestyle for a (hopefully long) period after the SCT. But I already do have a good lifestyle, and just don't feel like messing it up.

When I go off the trial, it will be due to increasing M-spike or drug side effects, and then I might feel different. Who knows.

RE: Thank you for your kind words! I'm glad you're still running. Indeed I do not have any of the NE states yet except MA (Boston). We are planning to run the OBX Marathon in NC this November - no other eastern plans right now.

My direct email is minnesotadon at gmail dot com.