Saturday, August 15, 2009

Two Runs Today

St Croix Valley Runners:

Twelve of us ran this morning. Gauss is back - that’s very nice. Everyone likes Gauss. I ran most of the way with Paul, though he was able to forge ahead in the last half mile.

Warm and a little humid, it was actually not a bad day to run. Time 45:45 for 5 miles, pace 9:09. Good enough. After running 14 miles in my 5-year-old Nike Pegasus shoes on Thursday, it felt SO good to be in my Brooks Burn shoes today. Last pair - when they’re gone I won’t know what to do - no good replacement yet. The Brooks Summon is OK but not as good as the Burn. Is the Brooks Launch available yet? I’ll have to check. I have some Nikes on order; we'll see if those feel right. 5k race in another hour.

North St Paul District 622 Education Foundation 5k Race:

This turned out to be a small, local race with wonderful door prizes! Sunshine didn’t run, because of her knee injury, but Sweet Pea and I both won door prizes (by drawing), a nice cotton shirt and a travel kit.

I started with Sweet Pea, discovered that she would be OK running alone, and moved off ahead. Finish time 30:33, pace 9:51, not good for a 5k but I have plenty of excuses today, not the least being the 5 miles I ran an hour before.

Happily, the knee problem that appeared after Thursday’s run (ITB maybe?) was no problem today. Better shoes? Perhaps, and also today I was mostly able to avoid running on a slope. I think I'll just toss those old Pegasus shoes.

Splits: 10:38, 19:00 (2 mi), 0:56 (0.1 mi), total 30:33. Humpf.

Today's Breakfast
Today's post-run breakfast. Until recently I have eaten my oatmeal with fruit and milk. Lately I've put organic yogurt on top instead of the milk underneath, for the flavor and especially for the live cultures that are thought to be good for us.


Chris said...

I had the Brooks Launch now for about a month and I really like them. I might have got them just a half size to small but I still look forward to running in them every day.

Don said...

Thanks Chris. I did order a pair of the Brooks Launch, a half-size larger than I usually need. Not here yet, we'll see.